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        Minimum purchase value : Sterling pounds 450/order 

Sellers need only submit Nett IN BOND Prices.
Sellers - All prices posted by the seller will automatically be marked by  a  fixed Transaction Fee of 13%.  

Buyers bid Prices offered are quoted IN BOND, country of origin and do not include the cost of freight, insurance, duty and VAT charges, clearance fees etc. An email will be sent to you seperately and deliveries arranged offline.  In addition to the bid prices  on the exchange, an administrative fee will also be charged separately


  Purchase Value

 Admin. Fee

450 1,999


2,000 - 3,999


4,000 - 7,999


8,000 and over



Fees due to Wineparker.com are stated in Sterling Pounds. Wineparker.com reserves the right to amend the Fee schedule giving 7 days notice.

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